My Father at 90!


OM ScooterYesterday my father had his 90th birthday. At his party I was going to read out a silly verse ‘wot I had rit!’ However I chickened out at the last moment and substituted it with some inadequate words. Now wish I had taken the plunge…

My old man is 90,
Still wears a farmer’s cap,
He gets up at silly-o-clock,
To feed his purring cat!

He hasn’t got a horse no more,
He rides a scooter now,
He potters in his little garden,
A trowel replaced the tractor plough!

On his scooter to the shops,
He greets all folk with glee,
They all say, “What a gent,
He finds time to chat to me!”

So today he reaches 90,
And I’m very glad,
That all I really need to say,
Is “Happy Birthday Dad!”

© Baldock Bard 2016
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