The Creeper Festival!


Creeper1In certain parts of the world there are celebrations to coincide with harvests of all kinds. Celebratory feasts are cooked, wine is consumed and fairgrounds spin! I’ve always thought there should be a festival for cutting Virginia Creeper. This fast-growing house-coverer was much loved by the Victorians. According to old photos they just let it grow. They obviously didn’t have a JCB with a cage…

Once a year around harvest time,
when the daily weather is fair and fine,
I put Mrs Bard into a cage,
and hoist her up, it’s all the rage!
Once hoisted up the secateured reaper,
trims the house of Virginia Creeper!
She cuts around the swallows nest,
they’ve flown out line abreast!
The job is done leaves a nice clear wall
now’s the time for our Creeper Festival!
Creeper2© Baldock Bard 2016
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