Naughty Uncle Savile and his Wandering Hands!


20131102-073527.jpgClearing rubbish after a boot sale often brings unexpected surprises! Amongst abandoned possessions recently was a photo album dated 1927. Reluctant to discard history I took it home. Looking through it the other night I noticed possible un-gentlemanly hand placement..

Uncle Savile is a funny man,
All the family knows,
He’s the life and soul of the party,
Aware how the best joke goes.

Uncle Savile is a dirty old man,
So say Sarah and Rose,
At any given opportunity,
Feels their bodies through their clothes.

Uncle Savile has gone away,
No one in the family knows,
He’s been sentenced to many years,
No danger will he now pose.

© Baldock Bard 2013
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