Portland Bill’s Windy Seas


Portland ShipAt the weekend I went to see Portland Bill. Disappointed to see he was just a promentory and not an old sage, my attention was diverted by the storm-force Westerly making it hard to stand. On the horizon I spotted a large boat heading into the storm…

There’s a freighter
on the horizon,
sailing into
a brisk Westerly,
off the coast of Portland
(Dorset, not Oregon or Maine).
The wind is gusting,
fifty knots,
and still the ship,
floats gently by.
We on the shore,
lean into the wind
just to stand up straight,
while spray and wind tears
drip down,
our ruddy-red faces!
Up on deck,
the hardy sailors,
sing an old sea shanty,
as they go about their,
jolly sailoring…

“If I were a sailor on a very large boat,
I’d go ‘Ooh and Ahh and floaty float!’
And if by chance the ship went down,
I’d be far too fat to ever drown!
So ahoy me hearty’s and shiver me timbers,
We’re headed for port and up we limbers!”

Portland Storm© Baldock Bard 2013
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