Olympic Armchair!


The Olympics are here and I am rooted to the armchair in front of the wide-screen. Sports that would normally hold my attention for less than two minutes have become must-not-miss events. Such is the concentration and effort needed, that I have been known to be quite out of breath at numerous finishing lines. Yet again Mrs Bard despairs at both my slovenly pose and non-Olympic body…

My Armchair Stadium waits for me
Right in front of my wide-screen TV
Twenty-six sports over sixteen days
I’ll get my exercise in so many ways
Yesterday I cycled with the men’s team down in Surrey
Having already rowed some heats without worry
Last night found me swimming in the Olympic Pool
I swam every length didn’t get wet at all
At last I went to bed exhausted with all the strain
This morning I’m up and ready to go through it again!

© Baldock Bard 2012
With many thanks to Alastair Pawsey for permission to use the photo taken in the Olympic Park

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