Our Moment to Shine!


This morning it is Great to be British. They say it’s the greatest show in Earth and we know do ceremony better than any other nation. Last night was a British triumph and the thanks of the nation should go to all those involved in making the London Opening Ceremony so spectacular. A special mention here of the late Edward Tufton who used to live in our tiny village of Clothall and helped design the stadium but never got to see its opening also our very own P.T. who was in on the first HD news broadcast from the Olympic complex on Thursday by the BBC.

Last night instead of doing sensible
I stayed up until almost one
Alarm four hours later no regret
An opening ceremony that was fun?

Being British we should have known
Those of us with doubt consumed
That part of our national psyche
Is the way we act all foredoomed

Forget the cost and confusion
Given some luck all will be fine
There will always be some cock-ups
But now is our moment to shine!

We bemoaned the cost
We bemoaned the torch
We bemoaned the Olympic lanes
The press led the outcry with articles
And fanned the dissenting flames

An American had the gall to criticize
How dare he poke fun at GB
We British are the greatest at ceremony
We just do it without “Look at Me!’

Last night we shrugged off uncertainty
And showed the world what we can do
The queen appeared with James Bond
Bradley Wiggins rang the bell too!

Yesterday dawned ‘rather cloudy’
Bells large and small they did ring
London’s ceremony laid down the marker
Now the Games can begin!

© Baldock Bard 2012
With many thanks to Alastair Pawsey for permission to use the photo taken in the Olympic Park
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