One Man Went To Mow…!


I watched a man giving a lawn its final cut of the season. He seemed happy in his work and his work was military-straight. His dog however was intent on ruining his concentration by purposely dropping a tennis ball in front of the mower forcing him to stop, pick up the ball and throw it for her…

One man went to mow,
went to mow a lawn,
used a Hayter 46,
(they call it mower porn!)

Running alongside of him,
his little companion Rosey,
she carries a ball in her mouth,
grass-cuttings in her toes-ey!

One man went to mow,
his mowing is all done,
he’s now off home to have his tea,
and Rosey’s just had fun!

If you’re mowing a lawn today, don’t forget to keep the lines straight and hide any tennis balls before you start!

© Baldock Bard 2017
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