The Old-Timers Tour!


Yesterday I picked up a flyer in Baldock. Later, wondering why I had, I realised that I was shocked and surprised because I had assumed that all the names on the flyer were, by now, on harping duty. All those mentioned on the flyer must be at least in their seventies, and ignoring retirement and touring instead! Sadly I was four days late for their local gig…

Gerry’s got a pacemaker,
he’ll now Never Walk Alone,
He’ll Ferry Across The Mersey,
To a retirement home!

The Searchers all need glasses,
can’t find their Sweet For My Sweet,
when You Walk In The Room,
Have Needles And Pins in their feet!

When the Tremeloes Twist And Shout,
Even The Bad Times Are Good,
but Silence Is Golden,
Hearing aids? You really should!

When Vanity Fare,
Live for the Sun,
Love Affair’s
Everlasting Love – For everyone!

Have a great day, this just proves that age is no barrier to just getting up and doing your thing! It’s a shame that this is only my 1612th posting and not my 1960th!

© Baldock Bard 2017
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