Out Into The Sunlight!


Wonderful SightCan you remember the exhilaration you felt when coming out into the sunlight after a school or university exam? I can’t, I’m far too old to remember back that far! However the rush of adrenaline felt when I came out into the sunlight having delivered, and had inspected, my Bank Holiday’s paperwork ( http://www.baldockbard.co.uk/?p=6987 ), would probably have come near! I had made a number of mistakes that were spotted by eagle-eyed Sandra from the RPA (Rural Payments Agency) before she stamped my paperwork and receipt. I have nothing but praise for this government agency as they have been ever-helpful and kind to this dim-witted farmer. So that’s it for another twelve months and I can breathe again…

Sandra stamped the certificate of receipt,
This meant for me the nightmare was complete!
A form fully filled without mistake,
Means a good nights sleep without being wide-awake!
Worrying do I need an RLE1?
Or mark on maps any changes done?
The deadline for forms is nineteen days time,
I can’t believe that they’ve got mine!
I can only thank those from the RPA,
Who have eased my despair and led me to this day!
I have never been so happy to walk out of a door,
And see the day’s bright sunshine once more!

*I was so stunned at having actually achieved the goal that I took a picture of the government offices at Cambridge, hence the rather strange photo above!

© Baldock Bard 2015
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