Paper, Paper, Everywhere!


PaperBack in the Eighties when I bought my first computer I was advised to buy a printer ‘before they become obsolete!’ The salesman suggested that ‘in the near future’ offices would be paper-free environments. How I wish I could meet him now. There seems to be more paper than ever and in most cases companies are reluctant to E-mail bills. This leads to an Everest in my office, complete with avalanche warnings…

Paperless office? Unfortunately not here!
Print has used a few trees I fear,
All your bills you must store,
Seven years boxed up (sometimes more!)
Then at last you can get shot,
Although with fire you may not!
So let’s hear it for the office shredder,
It’s a great noisy cutting hamster-bedder!
Lists of rules from the Environment A-gen-cy,
Regularly get soaked by hamster pee!
Ejected, unwanted and disgraced,
It ought to be simply: cut and paste!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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