Winning the Pools! (installing a ‘new best friend’ magnet in the garden!)


264738Some friends are having a swimming pool dug in their garden. This is ideal as it gives even distant friends the chance to enjoy a swim without paying to visit the local ‘Municipal’. I have tried to warn Mr and Mrs X, without success and therefore wish them luck…

It’s great to have a pool in the garden
Especially before it’s erected!
The sun always shines in the brochures
But not in the place you selected!

You get in a JCB digger
Excavated earth forms a very large hill
At last you’re ready for water
It takes twenty-eight days just to fill!

In a shed sits the pump and a boiler
And power station complexity pipe
Filtration, backwash and through flow
It gurgles and belches all night!

The water, a dominant mistress
To be nurtured and kept in trim
It takes all of your hours in attendance
You haven’t the time just to swim!

You’ve added chlorine and acid a plenty
Algicide and vacuumed it clean
Along comes the thunder and lightning
The pool turns a bright shade of green!

The neighbours become very friendly
They come round to see you each day
Your children seem very popular
New ‘friends’ (clutching towels) come to ‘play’!

The electricity meter’s in meltdown
Your bank account’s begun to slip
You’re back’s not recovered from digging
All forgotten when you take your first dip!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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