Pensioner’s Perambulations: Highway Ode 5


The proliferation of electric scooters in our towns and cities over the last few years has been a mixed blessing. It has vastly increased the mobility of pensioners, but also the laziness of those whose obesity could do with a little light exercise. You are now possibly at greater risk of being run over inside the supermarket or on the pavement than by a bus on the street. I have had my foot driven over three times so far this year while shopping resulting in stoney glares as if it was my fault. However as with everything it is the minority that gain the publicity…

A Pensioners Perambulations

Aged-Albert stalks the pavement
Drives his four-wheeled electric-powered cart
“Youth of today should respect me”
Instead they call him an ‘effing old fart’

He pulls up outside the local shop
His horn beeps over and over
‘I fought the war on air, land and shore’
(He never went further than Dover)

On his way back home in the road
Ignores the drivers tirade
In his mind he is back, on the attack
Or leading the Victory parade

He is rude to the care-staff who tend him
Although they do what they can
They all know, despite puff and blow
In the end he’s a lonely old man

© Baldock Bard
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