Fuel Guage


With the fuel tanker drivers threatening strike action, panic-led queues have formed at petrol stations. Due to panic buying prices have reached £1.53/litre in places. The army have been put on standby. The government, opposition and unions have been quick to exploit the situation for their own ends and are fast losing public support…

I’ve queued in some very strange places
I’ve queued for some very strange things
But sitting in a queue for a litre or two
No joy or happiness brings

Now I know tanker drivers are angry
Their pay average £45k
If there’s a spare place I’d join the race
And start to cart fuel today!

Bring home the troops from Afghanistan
To their families waiting back here
They’ll drive a truck and won’t give a f*ck
It’s safer, better paid with no fear

© Baldock Bard
Just 14 days until the Baldock Saturday Car Boot Sale returnsfor its 20th season on the 14th April 2012