Personalised Plates!


Mrs Bard was driving me around the M25 the other day when she suddenly shouted ‘Look’. I immediately thought the worst, Armageddon, burst tyre or Tony Blackburn about to come on the radio, but it was worse than that. The car that had just overtaken us had the personalised plate – DEL 80Y. Now I’m pretty certain that David Jason (the actor from Only Fools and Horses) was not driving but I couldn’t tell due to the ‘privacy glass’ in the windows (why have blackened out windows when you have a recognisable plate like that?). So R3LAX and read on…

N1GEL has a personal plate,
So I believe has 5UZE,
Some have them to SH0W 0FF,
And some just to AMU5E.

Jimmy Tarbuck had COM1C,
A Princess has 1 ANNE,
Paul Daniels displays MAG1C,
The Queen A7 can.

Sometimes to get the names to fit,
Is really very hard,
On my tractor and my moped,
I’ve got B410OCK – B4RD!

© Baldock Bard
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