The Greener Grass…!


At the car boot sale last Saturday I was talking to Andrew who is part of the daily commute to an office in London. He was bemoaning his ‘lot’ in life. I thought of him yesterday when the wind was blowing hail and rain around the yard and down my neck! Sometimes the grass may seem greener…

Andrew told me…
I spend all week in an office,
My brain is closing down
What I really need is fresh air
Not the stale sort up in town.

I take the ‘Sardine-Special’,
From Baldock every day,
My job is doing my head in,
There must be a better way!

I don’t see my kids in the mornings,
Don’t tuck them in at night,
My wife is a weekly stranger,
This lifestyle can’t be right!

Can’t wait for Saturday mornings,
Find a bargain and beside,
Munch a bacon roll whilst wandering,
In the glorious countryside.

© Baldock Bard
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