Pirates Ahoy! Shiver Me Timbers Crackle Me Toes!

A confused trainee-pirate at the car boot sale with a carrot on her shoulder!

A confused trainee-pirate at the car boot sale with a carrot on her shoulder!

Anyone talking to me today will possibly be confused (particularly if they are from a call centre attempting to sell me anything apart from a pistol or a gangplank!) Every year on this day millions of people around the world celebrate those fun-loving rogues of the sea…

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day,
Just when you thought it was safe to play,
Everyone around you says, “ooh-aaaaah!”
Whether they’re in the street or you’re in your car!

“Shiver me timbers!” They all shout,
While putting the Admiralty soldiers to rout!
‘Walk the plank’ doesn’t sound so good,
When said at Tesco’s in Boreham Wood.

I’ve searched for treasure on the map,
Didn’t half look silly at Watford Gap!
I was looking for a chest-type thing,
The only treasure I found was in Burger King!

I went to the cafeteria in search of victuals,
Apparently my sword broke all the rules!
“That’s a hornpipe in your pocket?” cashier to me,
“Or you’re just extremely pleased to see!

If your morning starts with real dense fog,
“Aaaah! Last night! – Too much grog!
So “Ahoy me beauty!” you must say,
For today’s ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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