Our Very Own Aga Saga!


Aga189Many farmhouses here in the UK have an AGA range. Not only can they cook food, boil water and heat the house but they can also resuscitate lambs, dry wet clothes and warm tired aching feet! They come in either two oven or four oven models. Like anything, they are wonderful when going well. However, despite their simplicity, they need annual servicing and an expert if they fail. We have such a person, Duncan, and he rescues us when the 40-year-old AGA has problems…

The Aga sits contented,
Ours is coloured blue,
The kettle is on standby,
Cup of tea for you?
It comes complete with terrier,
(Not on the spare parts list),
When the Aga’s not alight,
It is sorely missed!

But what is this – it’s stone cold?
The dogs at once complain.
Where can I dry my soaking coat,
When in from pouring rain!
Rush to the phone – emergency,
Duncan can you come?
The Aga’s lost all it’s heat,
The dogs are looking glum!

Coming down the drive,
The sight of Duncan’s van,
Kitchen-range recovery,
Can he fix it? Yes he can!
He pokes, scrapes and prods,
The burner into life,
And all at once it’s better,
Again he’s saved our life!
aga1892Duncan Newton is an independant Aga expert covering Herts, Beds, Bucks, Essex and Cambs and can be reached at Newton Aga Services newtonagaservices@sky.com or 07971 064 282 

© Baldock Bard 2013
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