Post-Twelfth Night? (not in Badock!)


Post-Twelfth NightThe residents of Baldock know how to live dangerously. While the rest of the country have packed away their Christmas decorations for fear of the consequences, Baldock has said, “Pah! As if we care!” Last night the High Street was lit by a skiing Santa, neon candles and blue garish tinsel. They certainly know how to tempt fate…

A mutant prawn crawls up the High Street,
It’s already eaten a van,
It’s breath is distinctly fishy,
As it chews on an overweight man!

It previously destroyed sixteen houses,
A shop and Chinese take-away,
It won’t listen to trained negotiators,
It’s angry and someone will pay!

It treads on a car on the left,
Then it spits at one on the right,
“It’s all your fault Baldockonians!
Decorations should go away on Twelfth Night”
Santa Sign© Baldock Bard 2014
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