Road Fell (The unmasking of a hypocrite!)


Side of RoadIn days gone by I may have been more than sarcastic about road works, the closing off of lanes and over-use of fluorescent clothing. Yesterday we were working on the side of a road clearing small tree saplings. What I wouldn’t have done for a lane closure! I am now a fully-fledged member of the Hypocrites Society…

The cars are passing incredibly fast,
The next one passing could be my last,
Fluorescent clothing won’t save my skin,
But it makes me feel protected from the danger I’m in!

Did you see that lorry when I swept with a brush?
It must have been delivering in a hell of a rush,
Formula one engines at the rate he was going,
Or he’s worried that shortly it may start snowing!

So road menders everywhere, you know who you are,
I’ll have more respect, next time in my car,
I’ll no longer complain about delays causing strife,
I now know protection is important for life!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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