Protecting the Workforce!


We have a terrible disease in this country called OP or Over-Protectiveness. It has crept so covertly into our lives that we agree that it’s often ‘for the best’. Nowhere is this illness more visible than on our motorway system. Even the smallest repair requires mile upon mile of cones. I agree that workforce protection is paramount, however it would seem that common sense is not a requirement in the salary/pension-sated world of the desk-bound rule-makers…

They’ve closed two lanes of the motorway
The traffic is moving real slow
Was clear at the junction behind us
We’re stuck there’s nowhere to go

The average-speed cameras above us
They are not needed today
The fastest we’ve moved is a snail’s pace
Top-up taxes they’re not going to pay

Still no workforce needing protection
The two lanes are empty and bare
Health and Safety is protecting nothing
No need for the cones to be there

Mrs Bard says it’s absolutely typical
I’ve chosen the wrong lane once more
Cars that were once sat beside us
Are now on the M54

We reach the cause of the hold up
They’re mending a crack in the road
Why so many miles was denied us
Of common sense is the antipode

Soon we are out of congestion
The hold-up is all in the past
The rule-makers have a justified pension
While they sit behind a desk on their arse!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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