Rain From the West!


Wet WeatherThis morning is going to be one of those ‘Do we, Don’t we’ days! The forecast shows enormous rain blobs the size of a farm over Baldock. The forecasters are wearing their ‘Now listen to me, it’s going to be bad, or maybe not’ faces and only ‘Him upstairs’ has any idea what the weather is going to do for the next few hours. So I’m destined to be wrong ~ Wrong if I open the car boot sale and most customers stay away because it’s raining and wrong if I shut the gates and go back to bed! (i.e. answer the phone all morning as the rain has cleared and people can’t understand why the boot sale is off!). I’m going to be wrong with a smile on my face…

Rain, rain, go away,
Don’t come back on Saturday!
Come in the week,
Come at night,
Not on a Saturday,
It just ain’t right!
I know that it’s a lot to ask,
But just oblige on this little task.

A lot of people at home you know,
Looking out of the window,
“Do we go?
Is it still raining?
Will it stop?
Will our toddler have a strop?
We’ve packed the car,
It’s in the drive,
Will it be raining when we arrive?”

So do it for others,
Do it for me,
And I a happy farmer will be!
My crops need water,
To make them grow,
But on a Saturday…
…damn it, just go!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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