Rosie and the Policeman!


Rosie + PoliceRosie the English Bull-Terrier is one of my favourite dogs. When nobody is looking she can leap tall buildings and outrun the mechanical hare at the greyhound stadium. However her favourite occupation is to sit and watch the world go by while composing doggy poetry in her head. On Saturday she brought her human, Rachel, to the farm gate to watch the Friends Life Women’s Tour Around Britain Ladies Cycle Race go by. Nobody was prepared for what happened next…

Rosey and Rachael were on the grass,
Waiting for the cyclists to go zooming past.
When a police motorcyclist screeched to a halt,
“Oh dear!” thought Rosie, “it wasn’t my fault!”
The tall burly policeman with a tear in his eye,
“Can I please stroke her? I’ve just had mine die”
And then he was off, his face filled with glee,
Leaving Rosie to ponder “how soft humans can be!”

With many thanks to the unknown police outrider who made our day!
peleton© Baldock Bard 2014
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