Reinforcing Stereotypical Preconceptions!


Derelict BuildingIt’s strange that when we travel abroad we search for scenes that suit our preconceptions. Recently I had to travel abroad. I have never been behind the former Iron Curtain and so was not surprised to see a stereotypical image. This justified my preconceptions and I had to take a photo, I think it suited my purposes well…

There’s dereliction in the suburbs,
Was looking for horse and cart!
When I spied an derelict building,
Certainly not a work of art!

The translator was upset,
With my phone I took a shot,
She told me, “not representative,”
A phrase I very soon forgot.

But when I returned to my country,
It was with embarrassment I fear,
That when I looked around about me,
I found those buildings over here!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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