Recycling Distraction-Crime! (bovver at the bins!)


Tone RecyclingThe other day I visited a recycling point with friend Tony (from the West Midlands so he knows about such things in life!). I’m well aware that I don’t get out too often, have led a sheltered life and that the joys that many townsfolk take for granted are often unavailable to us country bumpkins. Luckily Tony was able to give me worthwhile instruction on the pre-loading sorting before we started. We became so proficient that a lady joined us…

Tony and I were loading the hopper,
I was under instruction so I did it proper,
I was shown how to sort and bin it,
And how not to trap my throwing hand in it!
Along came a lady with full carrier bags,
Just as we recycled some free tourist mags,
She smiled at Tone and nodded her head,
As he recycled part of a bed!
She must have been impressed with his stacking the bin,
As she left him a bag-full to sort and put in!
He stood there too stunned for any reaction,
She’d got away with recycling distraction!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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