Rural Roads, Rural Drivers!


In JamNothing angers rural motorists more than joining a long queue behind a slow tractor when the driver refuses to pull in to let them past. Nothing irritates tractor drivers more than having pulled in to let the queue pass nobody acknowledges the act. However sometimes the sun and moon are in alignment and I found myself not only in a jam (not of my causing) but being thanked when I pulled over…

I took my Loadall along the road,
At a paltry 18 miles per hour,
The traffic was really quite heavy,
I knew that some would be sour!
I pulled into gateways, I pulled on the verge,
And much to my surprise,
Almost every motorist thanked me,
I couldn’t believe my eyes…
So I’m going to do it again today!
(only joking!)

© Baldock Bard 2014
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