The Souvenir from Norfolk!


The Virus CatcherIt is strange how an old-fashioned illness can travel through a family like a non-stop  express train through a rural station! My Granddaughter returned from a few days in Norfolk with a wonderful souvenir for us all. So violent is the virus that it didn’t even need unwrapping. I just hope that others are immune…

At the moment I dare not cough,
Or be but near a very large trough.
A sickness virus has laid me low,
Not far from the bathroom dare I go.
I don’t feel like reading an exciting book,
I can’t even give any food a look.
The simplest pleasure from a glass of water,
Denied by a bug from my granddaughter!
I don’t suggest you even try it,
The weight-loss properties an instant diet!
Others have recovered after 24 hours,
So I’m hoping for super bodily powers.
So if you see me just walking past,
The bug has gone elsewhere at last!

Relief supplies were most welcome!

Relief supplies were most welcome!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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