Secrets from the Loft!


While clearing out our loft I came across a book that bought back many childhood memories. The Stanley Gibbons Simplified Stamp Catalogue 1966 was in a long deserted box with a few broken toys and other unwanted items. In my youth, many boys collected stamps, it was a relatively cheap hobby and one that definitely had parental approval. Stanley Gibbons charted the values of stamps and was an eagerly awaited publication as collectors could value their acquisitions. The hobby was also part of a transitional phase as most collections lasted only a few years before being replaced by other more exciting pastimes like girls! I’m not going to get all soppy about past times but just thought I ought to share the discovery…

Are you a hoarder or do you throw out?
Does your attic echo with no need to shout?
The attic in our house is crammed to the roof,
With millions of memories (even baby’s first tooth!).

In a box full of toys and some bright coloured ribbons,
A book from my past, 1966 Stanley Gibbons!
This brought back memories of many hours spent
Sticking stamps in an album that I’d bought down in Kent

You’d attach them with hinges, licked with your tongue,
You’d pray that they held until you were done.
But the greatest of moments, not greeted with mirth,
Was the arrival of the catalogue, what are they worth?

I was tempted by adverts, that used to say
‘Buy Stamps on Approval, No Need to Pay!’
A friend was thus suckered and received a great lot,
Of very common examples, most of which he had got!

So here’s to Stanley Gibbons, the font of all knowledge,
Stuffed up into attics when boys went to college.
If I’d known a letter would one day cost 60p,
I’d have laughed in your face, ‘You taking the pee?’

In another 40 plus years will they understand?
We once had a Postie who delivered by hand,
Everything electronic, will be sent out so quick,
And my stamps in the loft, will follow me to the skip!

© Baldock Bard
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