Shopping Level: Fail!


M&SSome things in life appear simple but in reality are very difficult to accomplish. Take shopping. Mrs Bard whizzes around the shops and even though she has no list, she buys everything we’ll need. I find it slightly harder as I am easily sidetracked and forget what I have gone to the shop for…

“I’ll go shopping,” I heard myself say,
“There’s not much we need today!”
So off I went clutching bags for life,
To take some pressure from my wife!
Now in the past I’ve been known,
To bring unwanted shopping home,
I get to the store with the best intentions,
Then distracted by consumer inventions!
But this time I’d made a list,
So no groceries could be missed.
Up the aisles I pushed my trolley,
Getting sidetracked would be a folly.
Standing in the checkout queue,
Special offers hove into view!
I reached home thinking ‘success,’
“I’ve done the shopping at M&S!”
I now know how a good husband makes,
He knows to hide the chocolate teacakes!
“You can’t even accomplish a task with ease,
You’ve gone and forgotten the bloody cheese!”

© Baldock Bard 2014
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