The Confused Trout Avoid Keep Net!


Tony LFriend Tony went fishing for trout at the weekend in a Dorset river courtesy of some ‘Benefactors from Kent!’ Unfortunately his keep net remained unused. I don’t think the South-Western fish recognised his Midland-esque flies…

Tony went down to the river to fish,
He took with him knife, fork and a dish,
Wore his best tweeds with hat and wader,
Took to the waters looking like Darth Vader!

Loosened his flies and flexed his rod,
Cast his line and prayed to God!
Sadly he slipped with a great big splash,
Soaked to the skin, his wallet and cash!

Unfortunately for him the fish didn’t bite,
No fish to be caught for supper that night!
But all was not lost as the river rose,
He’d purchased a back-up from Waitrose!

© Baldock Bard 2014
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