Show-Off and Tell!


supercarThe other weekend, at a pub in rural Norfolk, we watched a man-child play ‘show-off and tell’. At the bar he announced (in a loud voice for the benefit of those possibly out of earshot), that he’d bought himself a Ferrari for his birthday. Later, while leaving the car park, he showed off its performance with squealing tyres. His mates had gathered to look and learn. Unfortunately, much to the disappointment of the assembled crowd, he was lucky and missed the ditch…

He had a supercar sleek and red,
to attract a super-girl to his bed,
He really thought that he was ‘it’,
According to others he was ‘just a tit!’

*Library picture of red supercar. Sorry, I wasn’t quick enough with the camera after a highly satisfying lunch!

© Baldock Bard 2016
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