The High-Vis Warriors!


IMG_3956In the best traditions of knights of old who were instantly recognisable by their suits of armour, modern knights of construction and renovation wear their uniform with pride. They relish the temporary traffic light, diversion and best of all road closure, while swishing their clipboard, measuring wheel or hard hat with menace, equally at motorist, cyclist or pedestrian…

Along the pavement with menace,
clipboards, high-vis and hard hats,
ready to do instant battle,
Highly visible important autocrats!

They carefully alter specifications,
give a report to their boss,
the goal: another road mended,
their victory, minimum time loss!

One day during wintery weather,
the footpath doesn’t get salt,
High-Vis-Warriors are on a new project,
so it can’t be said it’s their fault!

To all wearers of high-vis, have a great day, stay safe and I hope it doesn’t rain.

© Baldock Bard 2016
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