Sky at the Boot Sale!


I hadn’t noticed how many dogs come to the boot sale until it was pointed out to me on Saturday. It has become a like a ‘doggy coffee-shop’ where pooches and their owners meet and chat! This week I met boot sale regular Sky and his mummy…

Every week without fail,
Sky brings mum and dad to the car boot sale,
He dashes around from stall to stall,
Unless you throw a bouncing ball.
If for some reason he cannot attend,
He sends his parents around the bend,
He whines and squeaks at the door,
Until they can’t take any more.
During the week they walk him elsewhere
But come Saturday they wouldn’t dare!
He tells his friends in the park,
“You really must try this car boot lark!”

© Baldock Bard
The Baldock Car Boot Sale’s 20th anniversary season continues next Saturday!
BootLine: 07852 707 074

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