Lonely Old Gnome!


The other day I came across a garden gnome sitting alone on a bench. As it was lunchtime and the weather was pleasant, I offered him a sandwich. He ignored me. I asked him about his life. Again I was shunned. It was only when he refused a can of soft drink that I noticed that he seemed to be covering something with his hands. I made my excuses and left…

There’s a lonely gnome that I know,
Sits on a bench come rain or snow.
With little green coat and small brown shoes,
His job in life is to amuse.
I think his name might just be ‘Farber’,
His long grey beard could do with a barber.
If you observe him for a while,
You might just see his winsome smile.
His fishing rod’s long since gone,
The pose he strikes looks very wrong!
If you know of a lady gnome (or wench),
Send her along to Farber’s bench!

© Baldock Bard
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