Slacking Stacking Bales!


When I was seventeen I was shown how to stack hay bales. The stack I made yesterday looks superb from the front. However if you were to look around the back you would witness my shame – the stack has completely collapsed! My former boss would be so disappointed…

Many years ago today
I was stacking hay
When my Boss shouted to me “Come here you!”
“I will only show you once
Cos unless you are a dunce
You’ll pay attention and do exactly as I do!”
So I concentrated hard
And stacked bales in the yard
My corners the next morning were askew!
So he made me stack again
On my own it was a pain
But I learned to make my corners always true!

Fast forward to yesterday
When I was stacking hay
And my corners looked like the hind leg on a ‘Roo!
From the front it looks OK
But really I have to say
The back would make that bosses face turn blue!
It’s lucky now for me
That he will never see
That in forty years the things I’ve learnt are few!
So please don’t you repeat
My secret stacking feat
Or I’ll be a farming-laughing-stock thanks to you!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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