Spanner Before Hammer!


Sometimes when things go wrong I find I have just enough knowledge to fix a problem. There are also times when I have not enough knowledge to be useful but enough to be dangerous! This week has been a case in point. When we started the grain elevator in the store (a series of cups on a long belt that lifts the grain vertically to a conveyor that feeds the bins) there was something wrong. The belts were pulling to one side. Unfortunately I decided I could fix it…

Up in the roof of the grain store,
a job I’d never attempted before,
the belts of the elevator weren’t running straight,
a scrunching noise as on the side they scrape,
Not much time to effect a repair,
harvest delayed by rain to be fair,
a bearing to replace – ‘a piece of cake!’
that is when basic errors you make.
So far it has taken quite a few hours,
a simple repair beyond my weak powers,
I should learn to leave things as they are,
not hammer, before spanner, before the crowbar!

There is no fool like an old fool, I will have to admit defeat and call in someone who knows!

© Baldock Bard 2017
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