The Cancellation


When you organise an outdoor event of any kind, from a family barbecue in the garden to a large show or even a car boot sale, the most difficult decision is ‘When to Cancel’. This morning I took the unusual step of cancelling our weekly boot sale because at the time it was raining hard and the forecast was terrible. The decision has to be boldly taken, however I shall be judged in hindsight. If there is rain of biblical proportions I shall be judged as ‘brave’. If the torrents, thunder and lightening fail to materialise I shall simply be called a wimp…

The forecast was terrible,
in Baldock Noah started building an ark,
he looked around for animals,
even thought it was still dark!
He came across a sign,
at the local car boot sale,
‘This sale has been cancelled,
due to forecasted rain and hail!’
He tutted rather loudly,
with expletives he didn’t skimp,
“Won’t bother with the ark,
this farmer is such a wimp!”

As I write, the sky is clearing and I think the decision I made while it was still dark may have been of the wimpish kind!

© Baldock Bard 2017
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