Spilling the Beans!


Beans 2Tommy has helped on the farm for over fifty years. Now in his eighties he only comes in one morning a week. He is a godsend for when I need four hands rather than the usual two! More importantly though is his lifetimes experience and guidance. Recently he helped me put some beans in half-ton bags from the trailer. When I let go of the bag at the wrong moment he didn’t say a word…

Beans from the trailer,
went over the floor,
I let go of the bag,
that spilt some more!

I then shut the chute,
should have shut it before,
been around long enough,
to know the score!

Now I am sweeping,
boy! Am I sore!
Should have been no beans,
on the old shed floor!

It just goes to show that age and experience are valuable commodities! (I mean Tommy, not me!)

© Baldock Bard 2016
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