Muddy Fields!


Wet FieldsFlying my drone recently I was shocked to see how wet the fields were.This is worse on land that is clay based, where water can’t soak through as easily as chalk or other ‘lighter’ soils. I know that it is too wet to do any preparations for planting spring crops, apply fertilizer or weed control on my farm, but I hadn’t appreciated just how wet some fields had become. This is particularly evident on the ‘headlands’ (outside 24 metres of fields, cropped, but where machinery turns). As you can imagine there are government regulations (called Cross Compliance) available for instances such as this…

The headland of the field is water-logged,
the rest of the field just wet,
It’s illegal to do operations,
‘Cross Compliance’ we mustn’t forget.

If you don’t treat the land right,
do operations when it’s flooded,
not only will you leave damage,
but your waters will always be muddied!

The drone has a negative footprint,
hovers above with ease,
it spots areas of concern,
but you have to watch out for trees!

Please don’t send any more rain for a while, I’d like my fields to dry out so I can plant my spring beans and oats. However, please don’t turn the tap off altogether as they’ll need watering once sown! 

© Baldock Bard 2016
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