Storms over Baldock!


Yesterday we had heavy rain for the first time in months. Thinking that our (farmer) prayers had been answered I rushed out this morning to read the rain gauge. My disappointment was complete when I discovered that not only did it show less than half an inch (11mm) but all the drains in the farmyard were blocked! So it looks like the hosepipe ban is here to stay for a few more weeks yet!

Storms over Baldock!

Yesterday’s weather brought hail and rain,
Leaking downpipes and blocked drain,
I had to find my wet-weather gear,
Hadn’t used it for over a year!

My Wellington boots behind some junk,
Contained a dead mouse, how it stunk!
My hat in the cupboard in the hall,
Seemed to now be a size too small.

The papers are full of weather this morning,
‘The wettest April’ shouts their warning,
Along with ‘must expect snow in May’,
Is the hosepipe ban really here to stay?

I took the dogs for their morning scamper,
Had clean forgot the grass was damper.
Mrs Bard shouted, she’s now ‘mighty sore’,
She’s just had to mop the kitchen floor!

I’m in two minds I must say,
As a farmer give me rain, until May.
As for Saturdays, for at least 5 hours,
Fine warm and dry, no chance of showers!

 © Baldock Bard
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