The Waltons at the Boot Sale!


One of the great things about the Baldock car boot sales is the diversity of the people and events. This means that no two Saturdays are ever the same. This morning was just another Saturday (with forecast of showers) until I had to tow the burger van onto the pitch (a first in 20 years, heavy overnight rain had made the grass slippery even though the ground was dry). During the course of the morning many new friends discovered the fun that can be had here. And then I spied it – in the car park was an old truck directly from an ancient TV series. The Waltons were here!
The sale was just about to close when (again for the first time in 20 years) a seller arrived and started to unload his car! But probably the most impressive of all the ‘firsts’ today was the man who came dashing up to me to pay, because he had to leave early as his daughter had just rung to say she’d gone into labour. Hopefully we shall know next week whether boy or girl! What a wonderfully unpredictable morning, one that not even the weather forecasters could spoil.

The Waltons at the Boot Sale!

Down at the boot sale, everything’s just fine,
there’s a queue of vehicles, waiting patiently in line.
In the burger van, they’re making lots of tea,
Dawn has recently broken, It’s quite a job to see.

I unattached the loos, make sure they’re nice and clean,
Customers always tell me, they’re the cleanest that they’ve seen,
Then I open up, put everyone in line,
The boot sale is now open, It’s Bootsale Sellin’ time!

What’s this in the car park? Gave me quite a fright,
The Walton’s have arrived, too early to say goodnight.
John and Olivia Walton, Grandma’s here as well,
John-Boy tells his girlfriend “Gee! This boot sale’s really swell!”

 © Baldock Bard
The Baldock Car Boot Sale’s 20th anniversary season continues next Saturday!
BootLine: 07852 707 074

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