Stuck Behind a Tractor!


Stuck BehindA new poster has just gone up next to the railway station in Baldock. It would seem to suggest that if you are late home because you stopped off for a burger, all you have to say is: “I got stuck behind a tractor!” and you’ll be instantly forgiven. Unfortunately, as a farmer, I have to admit that some drivers of agricultural leviathans are less than courteous on the road. However from my own experience, when I’ve pulled in at the earliest opportunity to let traffic pass, the number of times I’ve been acknowledged for letting traffic by can be counted on one hand (or one finger of one hand!). Plus ca change…

Coming down the road
Is a long long line of traffic
It can be seen from space
It’s almost photographic!
At the head of this river
A tractor and a trailer
The driver is oblivious
Even to a very loud-hailer

But all of a sudden
He puts on his brakes
He’s spotted his metal tail
And very few overtakes
He puts up his hand
At every car that passes
Most drivers are gesturing
Where’s yer effin glasses?

So next time you are late
You’ve sneaked a burger in
Don’t blame the Baldock Bard
As he sits on tons of tin
When he pulls aside
And you can go on through
You’ll notice he is smiling
Because he ‘s had a burger too!

‪#forageaid ‪#SomersetFloods
Farmers from across the country are supporting farmers in Somerset by donating forage. Including a group of farmers preparing to drive 225 miles by tractor from Yorkshire to Somerset with supplies.

© Baldock Bard 2014
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