The Sun rose over the Burger Van!


This morning I thought I’d see what difference a change of venue would make to the daily verse. So instead of writing in the office I took my trusty MacBook to the boot sale to see what would transpire and inspire. The answer is that I won’t be repeating the experiment anytime soon…

The sun rose over the Burger Van,
The scene was illuminating.
Bob is selling unwanted toys,
He’s in electro-plating!

David has piles of socks,
He’s also selling hats,
Two old dears, been coming years,
Run a rescue home for cats!

The wind blows round the seller’s legs
It blows the bags and more,
It’s all the fault of Baldock folk,
They should learn to shut the door!

But soon the field will empty,
And homeward they’ll all go.
And I’ll be left to tidy up,
This glamorous job – I know!
© Baldock Bard 2012
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