Superstore Nativity Scene (seasonal figures for sale!)


Wholesae NativityI was in a wholesale store the other day and noticed an almost full-scale set of characters depicting the Nativity Scene. Whilst very impressive, I felt they had a certain air of sadness about them. I am old enough to remember as a child, the joy and reasurance that came from such a simple and well-known story. I began to wonder whether it would still have the power to thrill in years to come. Will the school that still has a nativity play or celebrates ‘Christmas’ (rather than the bland ‘Winter Festival’), please take a bow…

While shepherds watched their flock by night
On a shelf above aisle nine,
A security guard came wandering past,
To check that all was fine!

Off he went to patrol the store,
As was his job that night,
Three kings came a-wandering in,
And gave him such a fright!

“Please tell us where we can find a child?
It would seem the store is closed?”

“You can wait ‘till opening time,
No security threat supposed!”

The Three Wise Men passed him by,
Walked around the empty store,
They found the baby in aisle nine,
And fell upon the floor.

“Come up here,” the shepherd said,
There’s no need to fear,
Nativity is mostly ignored in schools,
It’s Peppa Pig this year!

There they stand, eyes on the crib,
In which the baby lays,
They have a price, five hundred pounds,
That would seem cheap these days!

© Baldock Bard 2013
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