Christmas Card Cramp! (due to unaccustomed analogue writing)


Christmas CardsHow many Christmas cards have you sent this year? Has this annual address-fest, where you struggle to remember what Bob and Penelope’s children are called, been successful or another late-post disaster? Have you culled any friends seamlessly from the list? Perhaps you’ve decided to play a festive game of wait and see (if they sent you one!), before you send a return and blame it’s post-Christmas arrival on the privatization of the postal service! All this pondering made me wonder…

I’ve written over thirty Christmas cards
And now I’ve reached a stage
Where the pile doesn’t seem to diminish
It has taken quite an age!
I started at the head of the alphabet
And so far I’m just half way,
I wish it were automated,
Auto-arrive on Christmas day!
I suppose in the future,
They’ll wonder what cards were,
They’ll never suffer stamp-dry-tongue,
Or know the phrase ‘Dear Sir!’
So let’s keep sending Christmas cards,
It’s a festive thing you know,
‘Cos it’ll soon be electronic,
An expensive ‘Face-Twit’ without snow!
Holly 13© Baldock Bard 2013
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