Surprise Recycling!


It’s the time of year where a farmer’s thoughts turn to fertilizer! Some choose to ‘think inside the bag!’ and buy expensive man-made artificial fertilizer from UK factories or abroad. Others look to spreading an animal by-product from the farm, much to the chagrin of recently-arrived ‘villagers’. Others, without animals, and in an attempt to save money, use a much cheaper man-made by-product…

Driving along a country road,
You see a large lorry dumping a load,
It resembles a giant, slug-like heap,
Dumped in the middle of a field of wheat!
Later on you might see people roam,
Picking tomatoes to take back home!
If I were you, don’t consider them free,
I know what they’re grown in, just trust me!
Carry on eating, I’m afraid that you’re,
Picking recycled tomatoes from human manure!
© Baldock Bard 2013
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