The Golf Clubs!


IMG_1459A friend and his wife have been having a clear out! Amongst the no-longer-needed items was an old set of golf clubs. He took them to his local charity shop where he was asked what his handicap was. Being more of a driving-range thwacker and slicer than a serous club member, but not wishing to sound ignorant, he suggested ‘seven’ thinking it to be average. Apparently this is on the better side of pretty amazing! I couldn’t resist a little ‘poetic licence’…

My friend Mike had a bag of old clubs,
From when he used to play a round.
He was clearing out his garage,
When at the back they were found!

“What shall we do with these, my dear?”
He said to his charming wife.
“I’ve no longer the time or inclination,
To putt, drive, chip or slice!”

“Do what you like with your crappy old clubs!
Just get them out of my sight,
I can’t remember you last using them,
So throwing them out seems right!”

So he took them to the charity shop,
The assistant asked him “Hey!”
He replied when asked of his handicap:
“Everything I do, think or say!”

This is a work of fiction brought about by an innocent remark!
All characters are fictitious and bear no relation to anyone I may have met in the past, present or future. BB.

© Baldock Bard 2013
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