Talking Buildings!


Have you ever re-visited a building you once knew extremely well? Did a noise trigger a memory? I generally find that stairwells provide the best ‘noise-related memories’ as the noise echoes and is amplified up and down the empty space, sometimes stretching up for many floors. Recently I revisited a building where the auto-close door had a certain ‘clack-sher-bang-clonk!’ that took me straight back ten years! Try it sometime…

I have yet to find a building that doesn’t talk
Some have much to say
Like that unique echo of footsteps on the back stairs
When the lifts are out
Or the kerr-scrape-bang
As the self propelled door slams shut
Older buildings
Having more years to remember
Have much more to say!
A creaking stair
Or a rusty hinge
Buildings always welcome you back
Unlike their occupants!

© Baldock Bard

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