The Lucky Scratchcard


A few weeks ago a man walked into a local corner shop and bought a winning scratchcard.
The shopkeeper was delighted, so much so, that he photocopied the card and displayed it proudly in the shop.
So if you’re ever in Baldock, pop into Basra’s on Clothall Common (SG7 6WA), you never know, it may be your turn to be lucky!
The simple notice in the shop led to an idea, I hope you enjoy it…

My wife told me:
“There is great excitement,
at our local grocery store,
photo-copied notice,
displayed upon the door,
they sold a winning scratch card,
worth fifty K,
not a bad return
for a single one-pound-play.”

My response:
All the locals know,
it’s now a winning shop,
customers are queuing,
right around the block,
I joined the lengthy queue,
everything seemed fine,
the next winning ticket,
Oh dear it wasn’t mine,
the car park was full,
I wasn’t going far,
my only winning scratch,
was on my wife’s new car!

My wife told me:
“What’s that ‘effin dent,
on my brand new paintwork?
You scratched it so you mend it now,
before I go berserk!”

My response:
I drove it to the body shop,
prepared to plead and cry,
a photo-copied notice,
immediately caught my eye:
‘All enquires please
to 7 5 3 0 4,
After scratch card win,
I don’t work here anymore!’

© Baldock Bard

The Baldock Saturday Car Boot Sale returns on the 14th April 2012