Teenagers, the Same the World Over!


Teenage GeeseThe Canadian goslings that were hatched in April (http://www.baldockbard.co.uk/?p=5352) are now teenagers! Their parents, who have done everything for them, now despair at their behaviour and look forward to the day when they literally fly the nest…

“I can’t find my PE kit,
I left it by the pond,
Gaby stole my hairbrush,
is acting like a blonde!”

“Geoffrey ate my breakfast,
Now he’s standing on my toe,
He’s also chewing on a stick,
Mum please tell him ‘no’!”

“Have you seen my homework?
Was on the water’s edge,
I think Gordon copied it,
Has thrown it in the hedge!”

“Dad, Gemma is a goody goody,
Why does she do no wrong?
She runs to mummy every time,
I tell her she does pong!”

The mother looks to the father,
“I know it seems a bore,
Very soon they’ll fly the nest,
It’ll then be time for more!”

© Baldock Bard 2014
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