The Pirate and the Grandfather!


Pirate 2Yesterday I spent time with my nineteen-month-old granddaughter. We sang, we laughed, we growled, we walked and we played pirates. I had a great time! However, like eating too much cheese before bedtime, all this exuberance led to some very strange dreams…

T’was the middle of the night,
About a quarter past three,
When I awoke in my bedroom,
A pirate looking at me!

“Your money or your life” he growled,
In his piratical way,
“You’d better make your mind up fast,
I haven’t got all day!”

“You’re a no-good landlubber,
Aaarh’s what I have to say!
I’ll see you walk the plank,
If you fail to pay!”

I’d had quite enough:
“Don’t be such a muppet!
You haven’t got a backbone,
You’re just a finger puppet!”

© Baldock Bard 2014
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